Security tape, S-type, without perforation and seq. numbering, green/blue/red/orange

Product description: 

Without perforation and sequential numbering.

  • The tamper evident security tape is a convinient and secure way to prove the closed state of goods. Opening attempts or any tampering during shipping or storage will not remain without a trace.
  • When peeled off its lower layer remains on the surface of application and „VOID OPEN” or „VOID OPENED” hidden message appears. This text becomes visible on the surface of the tape as well. Reinstating the tape without trace is not possible.
  • Designed to be especially efficient on cardboard boxes, impregnated, or laminated surfaces.
  • Shipped in rolls.
  • The standard tape comes without perforation and sequencial numbering.
  • Standard colours: green, red, orange, blue
  • Size: 48 mm x 50 m/roll
  • Material: PET foil with acrylic adhesive
  • Recommended application temperature: between +15˚C to +25˚C.
  • Storage: between +10°C and +20°C, and avoid direct sunlight, keep it in a closed box.
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