Security tape, TT-type

Product description: 
  • The security tape is an easy and comfortable way to proove your product remained sealed. During shipping or storing the attempt to open or tamper leaves a trace.
  • Tearing off the security tape, a "VOID OPENED" text appears on both the surface of application and on the tape itself, wich can be seen even repasted.
  • Delivered in rolls:  50,8 mm x 66 m/roll, perforated at every 152,4 mm.
  • Cutting tool isn’t needed.
  • Standard tape: red and blue - with white "VOID OPENED" text and sequential number
  • Material: BOPP foil with special acrylic adhesive
  • Above the quantity of 200 rolls the tape can be customised. Custom-made upper and under-printing, custom sequencial numbering, logo and with the option of barcoding or without perforation. Also it’s possible to make perforation at a non-standard intervals. 
  • Storage: between +10°C and +20°C, and away from direct sunlight, in a closed box.
  • The security tape is mainly applied on cardboard boxes and it is effective either on normal, laminated or impregnated cardboard.
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