Non Transfer Labels for IT Devices

Product description: 
  • This is a high tack security label for camera maskiing and protecting IT devices.
  • When lifted an „OPEN VOID” security message appears on the label but leaves no trace on the surface. Therefore tampering can be traced at a glance.
  • With this characteristic it is especially useful in those areas where seals are used really frequently or where the application surfaces are required to stay clean. In fact this seal can be used in any application where no residue is a requirement.
  • These labels are cold resistant up to a certain level and thus cannot be tampered with.
  • Basic colours are red, blue and green but there are seven different colours available. Supplied with white release liner in rolls.
  • Non transfer labels can be customized with personalized markings, company logo, sequential number or barcode.
Standard type:
10 mm x 20 mm
30 mm x 20 mm
58 mm x 20 mm
90 mm x 30 mm
110 mm x 30 mm
Custom sizes, colours and security elements are available at bigger qauntity.
Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and customization options!
Areas of use: 

Recommended for sealing smartphone cameras and USB devices.

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