CX Thermo Data Protective label

Product description: 

Destructive security label, that can't be peeled off without trace.

  • Printed with reversible temperature sensitive (temporarily vanishing) thermopaint, so photocopying the label will leave trace on the label's surface.
  • Customized content and optional design elements such as special size, form, colours, guilloche elements and possibility of UV check.
  • Strickly administrated serial numbers won't allow duplication.
  • CX-THERMO label is heat-, and cold-resistant. It is resistant to attempts of tampering by heating.
  • For data protection of signatures and original documents like contacts, certificates, diplomas, etc.
  • CX-THERMO labels are supplied with covering foil.
  • Standard type: 73x18 mm, bourdon (claret colour), fitted with prefix “ÜK”, and sequential number.
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