Medical security label

Product description: 

The modern and professional way of proving tampering or forgery of pharmaceutical products - NT label

  •  Thanks to the special chracteristic of the security label it shows the „VOID OPEN” text when the adhesive is compromised without leaving a trace on the application surface.
  •  All labels are numbered, the possibility of duplication is impossible.
  • For a higher level of security the label can be customised with any unique text, logo or QR code.
  • As it won't leave any residue on the application surface the Non-Transfer security label is recommended for protection of delicate surfaces.
  • The NT security label is cold resistant. It is suitable for both inside and outside use.
  • It demonstrates clearly the intactness of the sealed products. 
  • Delivered in rolls, on liner (rear foil). 
Standard type:
30 mm x 20 mm
58 mm x 20 mm
90 mm x 30 mm
110 mm x 30 mm
Colours: blue, red, green
Custom sizes, colours and security elements are available at bigger qauntity.
Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and customization options!
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