PT Utility meter label

Product description: 

Security Label for Utility Meters

- This special PT (partial transfer) security label is specifically developed to verify the integrity of the sealed utility (gas, water, electricity or other) meters.

- All attempts of tampering (thermal, chemical and mechanical) can be traced at a glance!
- The torn label shows “VOID OPEN” which marking remains visible after sticked back thus providing clear and obvious evidence of any intervention.

- The duplication of the sequential numbers is impossible at this security level.

As protection of utility meters requires a higher degree of security, we recommend using of several security features together on these labels.

Optional security elements:

  • Unique text and company logo
  • Unique barcode and sequence number
  • QR code, Mole marker
  • Security die-cuts (like on wristbands)
  • Guilloche pattern (like on banknotes)
  • Microtext
  • Hologram surface
  • Reversible thermo ink
  • UV color change print
  • Special lamination
  • Combined with magnets
  • Combined with counter labels with the same identifier as on the main label

This security label is completely customizable - its colour, sizes and security features can be tailored to perfectly meet your requirements.

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