TripleLock non-perforated security tape

Product description: 
  • Material: made of plastic

  • 100% recyclable with cardboard: no

  • VOID effect: OPEN lettering

  • Width: 50 mm

  • Surface color: yellow

  • Adhesive: UV curing adhesive and much more eco friendly than cheap hotmelt

  • Delivery form: 50 linear meters per roll

  • Application temperature: min. +5°C

  • Temperature range: -50°C to + 100°C

  • Minimum order quantity: 6 rolls

Unmistakable color change when the security tape is peeled off. Reversal after opening the package is no longer possible. The VOID effect created remains visible.

The adhesive tape holds on almost all common packaging surfaces as well as aggregates of several packaging units.

This reliable proof of tampering makes it possible to clearly identify whether a package has already been opened. In this way, the buyer and seller or manufacturer are equally protected. The buyer can be sure that the packaging has not yet been opened and that the product is authentic, while the seller or manufacturer can protect themselves against unjustified returns and gray or parallel trade.

Specials orders with company logo, text, etc. are available at larger orders.

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