Hitec - About us

Our company with a several decades of experience in the international goods protection -security industry and trained professionals and extensive international support services is at your disposal.

The beginning: 

The HITEC GMK (Economic Work Association) was founded as a family company in 1982. It transformed into a private Ltd. In 2002 and is still 100% Hungarian. 

We started to develop and produce security products two decades ago. 

We deal with security (mainly for packaging and logistics) products’ production, import and marketing. 


We became the leaders of the Hungarian Security-technology market with our self-producted plastic seals and the sales of security labels, tapes and cashbags. 

The higher value, reusable, uniqe locking mechanisms can be obtained only at us in Hungary. 

Our product list contains world-leader factories’ products and our upgraded versions of them as well. 

Next to our Hungarian suppliers we have suppliers from the European Union’s countries, the USA and even the Far-East. They provide us with high quality products. 

Our company acts as most of their Middle-European distributor. This way the newest developments and innovation appear in our products as well and our prices remain competitive, too.

Our home office, label production capacity, laser and hot print marking division and stocked warehouse are in Budapest. This way we can satisfy individual needs quickly and flexibly.

Our company is certificated with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system; our products are certificated by MABISZ.

Please see our certificates and our Management Policy in the Certificates section.


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