Partial Transfer (PT) Security Label, TT-type

Product description: 
  • PT Partial Transfer Security Label, TT-type
  • Shows physical evident of tampering: when lifted it leaves an „OPEN VOID” security message on the application surface. Therefore tampering can be traced at a glance.
  • These labels are heat and freeze resistant up to a certain level and thus cannot be tampered with.
  • Partial Transfer labels can be customized by placing personalized markings, company logo or optional barcode on the labels. No duplications.
  • In many different sizes and colours. Optional counterfoil.
  • Not a stock product, customized orders only.
  • Standard szín: orange
  • Material: OPP foil with special glue
Standard sizes:
20 x 30 mm
20 x 58 mm
30 x 90 mm
30 x 110 mm
Custom sizes, colours and security elements are available at bigger qauntity.
Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and customization options!
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