Partial Transfer (PT) Security Label, TT-type

Product description: 
  • PT Partial Transfer Security Label, TT-type
  • Shows physical evident of tampering: when lifted it leaves an „OPEN VOID” security message on the application surface. Therefore tampering can be traced at a glance.
  • These labels are heat and freeze resistant up to a certain level and thus cannot be tampered with.
  • Partial Transfer labels can be customized by placing personalized markings, company logo or optional barcode on the labels. No duplications.
  • In many different sizes and colours. Optional counterfoil.
  • Not a stock product, customized orders only.
  • Standard colour: orange, other colour available on custom orders
  • Material: OPP foil with special glue
Standard sizes:
20 x 30 mm
20 x 58 mm
30 x 90 mm
30 x 110 mm
Custom sizes, colours and security elements are available at bigger quantity, depending type but at least from 2000 pcs.
Don't hesitate to contact us for further information and customization options!
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