Laser Destructive label

Product description: 
  • Self-destructive laser security label .
  • Combines both the economy, flexibility and quality.
  • Labelling is easy and safe: the desired font, barcode or graphics are engraved into the label with laser. 
  • The label’s measures and shape is custom-made. 
  • The engraving of the label ensures that the dye is irreversibly changed. This way the text cannot be removed from the label by any kind of chemical treatment. 
  • The security label is easy to use. Adheres well to most types of surfaces and it cannot be removed without destroying it because the label will fall into little pieces.
  • Any attempt of manipulation will leave a trace. 
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and heat or frost.
  • Acrylic film material with special adhesive in 2 colours: white and transparent
  • Use on office and electronical devices, delicate surfaces.
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