TSR-MTL additional padlock

Product description: 

TSR – MTL additional padlock for mechanical TSR seals

  • Black, hardened steel.
  • With certification of high security. 
  • Comes with 3 key and key card.
  • Drill protection. Protected against contamination.
  • The shackle can be fully separated from the padlock.
  • Secondary key and masterkey can be ordered.
  • Alternative sizes (custom order): with 10mm or 16mm shackle
  • Fits for TSR – Basis and TSR – TTB Kurz
  • Security level: very high

13mm shackle: (Security level: 4 EN 12320)
Weight: ca. 1 kg
Measure: 73mm x 100.7mm x 25mm

10mm shackle: (Security level: 3 ENV 1627)
Weight: ca. 0,6 kg
Measure: 63mm x 87mm x 22mm

16mm shackle: (Security level: 5 EN 12320)
Weight: ca. 1,5 kg
Measure: 92mm x 118.5mm x 32mm

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