Plasti Bag with adhesive security tape

Product description: 
  • These disposable, water resistant security envelopes are produced with adhesive security tape. After tampering the tape displays “STOP/OPENED” text.
  • Every security envelope has an individual serialized number and a corresponding bar code on the front side.
  • The standard envelope has serial numbers, barcode and microprinting wich makes mechanical tampering visible. 
  • Customized versions are also available above certain quantity. 
  • Material: COEX LDPE, non transparent, white with black inner side OR total transparent
  • Sizes: 380 x 500 x 0,07 mm or 320 x 270 x 0,07 mm
  • Recommended for valuables, confidential documents, cash handling, cheque handling, courier services and Cash-in-Transit.
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