Magnetic PT label for Utility Meters

Product description: 

Magnetic PT Security Label for Utility Meter

  • Magnetic security label is developed for indicate any tampering of utility meters. The security label part shows the signs of removing the label, the magnets indicate the magnetic tampring of the meter.
  • Magnetic tampering dislocates the neodymium magnets that will stick together and can’t be put back to their sockets.
  • The PT (partial transfer) label is a multilayered security label. When peeled of the upper layer shows the text „OPEN VOID” even if the label is repasted. The under layer will stick to the application surface showing the same security text.
  • Disposable label
  • Standard type is orange or red with PT label, neodymium magnets, „OPEN VOID” security text and security cuts.
  • Magnets: 4 or 2 pcs of neodymium magnets in a transparent polymer housing.
  • Printed with laser, so the text can’t be changed or re-write after printing.
  • Usual applications: utility meters, meters
  • Standard printing options: sequential number with 8 characters, company name and logo
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