Lop Stop 1

Product description: 
  • We recommend it for every company where fuel theft is a problem. The product prevents siphoning via the fuel fillingslot.
  • Installed with a special adhesive.
  • The stainless steel material ensures the resistence and durability in any circumstances.
  • After the installation it’s impossible to siphon the fuel from the filler.
  • The anti-siphoning device prevents the potential overflow via closing the air valve of the nozzle.
  • After fastening (gluing) the siphon it cannot be removed.
  • Needs no maintance.
  • The siphon is made from stainless steel. The valveclosing ball is from plastic.
  • Our company helps with the applivation of the theftstop devices.
  • The installation is possible into any free-hanging fueltank if the tank’s material is known. It’s needed to choose the right kind of adhesive.
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